Saturday, 30 July 2016

True Friendship

Father you have loved us.
And so   
Your friendship defines us
Your grace pardons us
Your power protects us
Your wisdom leads us
Your goodness relieves us
Your mercy supplies for us
And your glory crowns us (Thomas Brooks)

May we be friends as you are
Steadfast in your love.
Obedient to your commands.
Filled with your joy.

Keep us from distrust, fear and depression 
from cool formality and half-hearted service
from divided loyalties,
from grumbling, discontent and resentment

And make us to love each other…being deep and true, long lasting, committed friends.
For your glory.


Friday, 22 July 2016

A Prayer for Truthfulness

Father of truth;
Your son is the way in a lost world;
the life in a world of death;
and the truth in a world of lies.

Darkness, deception and falsehood lurk in our hearts. 

Give us hearts of truthfulness.
Forgive our deception.
Forgive our hypocrisy.
Forgive our weakness that seeks peace rather than godliness.
May loving truth be spoken by us and affirmed in others.
May those around us come to know that our word can be trusted;
Until that day when all the world lives in truth.