Friday, 26 May 2017

Psalm 3

Our Father,
You did not deliver Jesus so that you might deliver us
You are our shield and our protector.
You hear our prayers.
We rest because you sustain us.
We are unafraid because you surround us.
We ask for you to arise and destroy your enemies.
May your blessing be upon your people


Blind Bartimaeus

Father of power and mercy,
Your Son is the Messiah King,
The promised Son of David,
And the God of life.
Have mercy on us,
Let us recover our sight,         
And truly see Jesus.
As we truly see you.


Friday, 19 May 2017

Psalm 1

Our Righteous Father,
The man who never walked with the wicked,
Who never stood in the way of sinners,
Or sat with the mockers.
The man who delighted in your law,
And meditated on it day and night,
Perished like the wicked,
Was blown like chaff,
Was subjected to your judgement;
So that we who deserve to perish,
Might be blessed,
Might flourish,
Might prosper,
And might be watched over by you.
We praise you for your mercy to us.


Friday, 12 May 2017

Eyes for you Alone

You have blessed me with money.
You have burdened me with money.            
My wicked heart is drawn to comfort and pleasure rather than to you.
Take from me the love of wealth,
And give me a heart radically turned towards you,
Deeply in love with you,
With eyes for you alone.


From Luke 18:18-30

Friday, 5 May 2017

A Childlike Faith

Father of the weak,
God of the small,
Lover of the vulnerable and insignificant,
We pray for you to give us childlike and humble hearts;
May we know our need,
May we approach you in it;
May we love you as our all and only;
May we have eyes only for you.
May children be precious in our sight,
And precious in our hearts.
For your glory alone.