Thursday, 14 December 2017

John 1:14

Our Father,
Your Son, the eternal Word became human:
He became as us;
He became with us;
He became for us.
He settled among us;
     He enabled us to see him;
     He revealed you to us.
He is now as us;
But we did not recognise him,
And instead rejected him!
What humility!
What grace!
What condescension!
What mercy!
May it not be so this Christmas.
Instead may we know you! Love you! Worship you!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

John 1 - Christmas 2017

It is a staggering thought that Jesus
The pre-existent one;
The co-existent one;
The Trinitarian son;
The intellect of creation; 
The spring of life;
And the brilliant light;
Embraced our smallness to become a man; rejected and killed on our behalf.

This truth is both exhilarating and devastating.
That he should live amongst us gives us hope, power, honour, meaning, joy and peace.

We pray this Christmas
Give us eyes with sight that we may see his glory.
Minds of comprehension that we may know his greatness.
Hearts of trust that submit our destinies into his loving hands.
Souls of worship submissive to his beauty.
Lives of adoration that are filled with generosity.
And love that explodes into wonder at what you have done.
For your glory alone.