Tuesday, 30 July 2019

The God Who Sees Me Genesis 16; Psalm 139:1-16

Father you are everywhere present.
Unlimited in space and time.
You are Beer-Lahai-Roi - the God who sees me.
You are Ishmael – the God who hears me.
Even in the midst of our dysfunction and sin you are present.
You see all that happens and you will not be thwarted.
Though injustice prevails you will not allow it to conquer.
May that be an encouragement to me in the midst of pain and a warning to me in the midst of sin.
May we listen as you do to the Hagar’s of the world.
May we see as you do the weeping, abused and abandoned.
May we be a people that live godly in the midst of injustice

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

God has made Promises

Genesis 15:1-20, Exodus 12:33-39, Joshua 21:43-45; Revelation 7:9-17                     

Father…your condescension:
·       That you should stoop and speak to a wicked world.
·       That you should treat us with mercy and grace and kindness when what we deserve is           destruction.
       That you should shine a light on the future that we may live with certainty.
·       That you should covenant to bless your people.

May we respond with faith!
May we live believing though we do not see!
May we act in accordance with faith, not live inconsistently but obediently.
·       As love
·       As light
·       Speaking truth
·       Radiating grace.

Choosing Suffering

Matthew 5:38-48; Mark 8:27-38                 

The cross stands as a word of your devotion to your world.
  It speaks of your justice.
  It sings of your mercy.
  It trumpets your grace.
  And it calls us to come and die.

But we don’t want to.
  We are ashamed of it.
  We do not want to carry it.
  We want to be left alone in our ease and our comfort.

Remind us today that we can gain the whole world and yet forfeit our souls;
  That we can desire to save our lives yet lose them;
  And desire to lose our lives yet save them.

Build in us cross-shaped obedience.
  Enemy loving grace.
  Extravagant generosity.
  Miraculous forgiveness.
  And sacrificial service.


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Suffering and Growth - John 15:1-11; Hebrews 12:4-11

Father you have joined us to Jesus,
Grafted us into the vine.
From eternity past,
You have granted us the privilege of your son abiding in us and with us.
We need nothing else,
You have given us your joy,
And your love,
We ask that we might desire to abide in you.
Of ourselves we seek independence and freedom,
We seek to live apart from the vine,
Keep us abiding,
Give us the strength to abide.
And may your joy be fully manifest in us
For your glory alone,

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Blessed not Rejected

Genesis 12:1-20; Hebrews 11:8-12                   

Father, you speak!
And blessing follows.
You have blessed a world of mayhem;
When what we deserved is destruction.
You are blessing a people for all eternity.
You have chosen us, anointed us, sanctified us, adopted us,
And poured your mercy upon us.
And soon you will glorify those you have blessed.
That we might proclaim your glory for all eternity.

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Suffering Hurts

Father bring hope and life.
May your grandeur be evident.
Your sovereignty our confidence.
Your justice our hope.
Your mercy our courage.
May we never be flippant about suffering,
Recognising the evil of evil.
Owning our part in the cause of suffering.
Repenting of our wickedness.
Striving towards holiness,
And ever camped at the cross for our forgiveness.