Sunday, 20 January 2019

Day by day God is working his plan - Genesis 24

Father as we see your hand at work moving history towards your purposes we confess that
we are working for our own glory
we seek our own desires
we want our own way;
Little realising that the joy we seek is not found there.
As you show us your hand at work
Give us confidence in your plan
Help us to trust your love towards us
May we align our lives in accordance with truth
And in so doing experience your joy and peace.
May our strivings cease, and our confidence and trust in you grow ever stronger.
May our agendas pale and wane as we are increasingly give ourselves to your kingdom and your glory.
We pray for Jesus sake

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Change my anger into grace
my selfishness into service
my fear into loving.
Change the desires of my heart

Give me eyes to see your salvation
ears to delight in your voice
affections that are warm towards you
and a life filled with holy and enduring actions

May your Son shine ever brighter
your grace be ever more precious
the cross be my beacon and my pillar
and you ever be the direction of my heart