Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Life with Money - Materialism

Our hearts want more.
Our lives are full of our possessions,
They consume our money;
Our time;
Our thoughts;
And our dreams.
We are fearful that they will be removed;
Fearful that you will not supply;
Fearful of want;
When we should be fearful of missing you;
And fearful of eternity.
Transform our thinking.
Make us to question our assumptions.
And repent of our inner values.
Grow our generosity.
Stretch our gratitude.
Simplify our lives.
Give us financial modesty.
And fill us with contentment.
For your glory alone

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Double Think

Forgive me that I compartmentalise my life.
That there are areas where I will let you in and there are areas that I shut you out.
Show me more areas where I haven’t let you in. Open up all of my heart to you.
Make my love for you complete.
Turn my wayward heart totally towards you.
Give me total dedication.
Total submission.
Total joy in being loved by you.
Total peace in your grace to me.
A single minded heart solely devoted to you.

Thursday, 12 April 2018


You are in perfect relationship,
The Trinity of service,
The unity of love.
Forgive us that this community is shattered,
In our hearts,
And our actions.
We live lives fueled by our own desires,
Striving for our own wants,
Lonely and afraid.
Turn our hearts outwards towards others,
And upwards towards you.