Thursday, 25 January 2018

Deuteronomy 5:6-22

Our Father you have rescued us from our slavery.
You have rescued us to be your loved people.
May our hearts be exclusively devoted to you.
May our lives be centred on loving you.
May we rest in you and remember you.
May we love others, seeking their best.
May our selfish desires be turned into sacrificial love.
As we taste the sweetness of being loved by you!


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Deuteronomy 4:44-5:6

Father, thank you that you have made a promise to us.
You have spoken by your Son.
You have pledged to be our God.
Though we are a wicked and rebellious people;
So that today we can say you are our God and we are your people!
We are chosen
We belong.
We are royal.
We are included.
We are blessed.
We are heirs
We are holy.


Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Surprising God; A Surprising Life

Our Father
You are a God whose son dies that we might live;
A God who gives that we might get;
   Who serves that we might be saved;
   Who speaks that we might know you;
   Who empties himself that we might be filled;
   Who suffers that we might escape pain;
   Who pays that we might be ransomed;
   Who substitutes that we might be forgiven;
   Who declares us righteous though we are not!

If we choose to live we die.
If we seek ourselves, we lose our souls.
If we serve our desires, we lose our hearts.
As we hold, we lose,
As we take, we weep,
As we lash out, we hurt ourselves,
As we worry, we fear,
As we strive, we miss,
As we serve ourselves, we become lonely,
As we become rich, we become poor,
And as we find ease, we find emptiness.

But if like you we die, then we live,
As we give, then we get,
As we suffer, we find joy,
As we serve, we find purpose,
As we forgive, we find peace,
As we submit, we find freedom,
As we live outwardly, we find inner healing,
As we pray, we are protected.

Father in the light of the cross give us your Spirit.
Change us to
   Sow love where there is hatred;
   Peace where there is war;
   Grace where there is hurt;
   Faith where there is doubt;
   Hope where there is despair;
   Light where there is darkness;
  Joy where there is sadness;
  And life where there is death.