Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Romans 2:17-29

We are confident that we are right;
Sure that we are guides;
Self-assured in our knowledge;
Forgive us that we do what we teach against;
We blaspheme your name amongst the nations.
Circumcise our hearts.
Give us a desire for your law.
Inwardly transform us by your Spirit.
For Jesus Christ sake.


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Romans 2:1-16

I am quick to judge everyone else,
And slow to judge myself.
I am quick to presume on your kindness and patience,
And slow to repent.
I am quick to forget that the day of wrath is coming,
And slow to live a life that is worthy.
I am deserving of your wrath and fury,
I do not do good and there is so little repentance in me.
My heart is hard and wayward.
I have heard the law but I have not done it,
And my conscience condemns me.
You know my secrets,
And they are vile.
Have mercy on me.
Do not treat me as I deserve,
And may your kindness bring me to repentance.
For your glory alone