Thursday, 24 November 2016

Hope in Suffering

You are at work for our good.
You are transforming us to be like your son our brother.
You seek that we are done with rebellion and wickedness and sin;
But these hold tenaciously to our hearts;
And our souls are turned away from you.
Do the work of suffering in us.

May our love for you be our all consuming passion.
May your purpose be our desire.
May your calling be our hope.
May our predestination be our security.
May our justification be our awe;
And our glorification be our vision.
Do the work of suffering in us.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Marriage Prayer

Heavenly Father,
You have designed us to be different,
You have engineered us to build each other,
You have knit us together with needles of brilliance,
And you have loved us!

Our hearts are turned inwards,
Our souls are restless,
Our tongues are dangerous,
And our lives are rebellious,

Yet you have loved us!
Your love is constant and sure,
Sacrificial and costly,
Cross shaped, life providing,
Resolute in the face of our provocation. 

Turn our hearts away from our selfishness Turn our souls towards you
Turn our love towards each other
And give us joy.

For your glory sake