Friday, 20 October 2017

Romans 3:21-31

Father you have taken unrighteous us
And made us righteous.
We who have sinned and fallen short;
    Are justified;
    Recipients of grace;
    Atoned for;
At the cost of Jesus blood sacrifice.

You have punished our sin and changed our status.
    May we know this glory;
    Trust your grace;
    Turn towards your mercy;
    Enjoy your favour;
    Revel in our adoption;
    Celebrate our forgiveness!
We are grateful indeed.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Romans 3:9-20

Our need is immense,
Our hearts are black,
Our love is inward,
Our desires are self-conditioned.
Our actions are hideous,
Our speech deceptive,
Our mouths bitter.
Our feet are ruinous,
Our legacy vile,
Our paths strewn with conflict,
And there is no fear of you in us.

Lord have mercy on us.
Christ have mercy on us.

Lord have mercy on us.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Romans 3:1-8

May we know you, trust you and love you as you are.
May we see you in your word,
Hear you in our hearts,
Trust your constant faithfulness,
Rejoice in your justice,
Tremble at your righteousness,
And live truly with your presence.
May you be to us
God the speaking one,
God the faithful one,
God the just one,
And God the righteous one.